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On behalf of Citizens With Disabilities Ontario, we submit the following

The unemployment rate for Canadians with disabilities averages around 70%
and for specific types of disabilities, i.e. Canadians who are blind or
deaf, the unemployment rate is over 90%; If your Party receives a majority
of seats, will you address this imbalance in Employment, by:
. Set participation goals for Canadians with disabilities in labour
market agreements with provinces and territories; and make such transfer of
Federal funds conditional upon meeting these goals?
. Expand the contribution to the Multilateral Framework Agreement on
Labour Force Participation of People with Disabilities and the Opportunities
Fund to create more employment opportunities for Canadians with
. Make the Government of Canada a model employer, both in its hiring
and disability accommodation practices?
. Achieving the goal of equitable representation of people with
disabilities at all levels of the federal public service?

Terrance Green
Citizens With Disabilities Ontario